MOD HV Power System Upgrade

MOD HV Power System Upgrade – Defence Training Estate (DIO), Kirkcudbright Training Centre

HV Power System Upgrade for MOD Defence Training Estate
Used with permission from Landmarc Support Services Limited
MOD HV Power System Upgrade – C&P Engineering Services has been awarded the high voltage electrical design and build contract by Landmarc Support Services for the replacement of the HV power system at Kirkcudbright Training Centre at Kirkcudbright, Scotland. Landmarc works in partnership with DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) to manage the national Defence training estate.

MOD HV Power System Upgrade – Project Scope:

The project will include designing and constructing a new private HV system, the excavation and installation of 20km of cable across watercourses, roads, forests and agricultural terrain. It will also include the removal of an existing overhead 11kV HV system, retrofitting with new HV electrical plant and installing 10 off 11kV package substations across a site that spans over 4,700 acres (1,900 hectares) of farmland.

The existing electrical power grid and infrastructure which supports the training area at Kirkcudbright is a mix of over 10km of overhead cabling and 4km of underground distribution which, in part, reflects the range and danger area layout.  Over the years, repairs and replacements have become commonplace but the overall state of the facilities has been one of general decline.

Collaboration with numerous stakeholders, such as Scottish National Heritage, resident farmers, DIO ecologists and archaeologists is paramount to this project to protect the interests of the local wildlife, heritage and the surrounding communities. This includes known badger setts, a Scheduled Monument, Cup and Ring Stones and the rock formations along the coastline, which are a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The project will ensure that the route of the underground cable avoids, where possible, environmental receptors in order to minimise the impact of the project on local wildlife.

Project Outcome:

The project is to rationalise and reconfigure the existing electrical power system with the introduction of a new underground 20km, 11kV, circuit spanning the site.  This will ensure the provision of reliable power to existing accommodation assets and provide capacity in order to future-proof the network and allow for upgrades to the system should changes to the training requirement demand it.

At a Glance:

  • Design and installation of the HV electrical system
  • Earthing design and installation
  • Installation of approximately 20km of 11kV 3 core 70mm copper cable
  • Design and construction of 1 off 11kV intake substation
  • Design and construction of 9 off package substations
  • Testing, commissioning and energisation of the upgraded HV system

Kirkcudbright Training Centre

Kirkcudbright Training Centre is an MOD base on the northern coastline of the Solway Firth in Dumfries and Galloway and occupies an exposed headland 5 km south of the town of Kirkcudbright.

It is the principal live firing training facility for crew served weapon platforms (vehicle and rotary wing) in Scotland and the north of England. Over three quarters of the 223,800 hectares of land owned by the MOD is held solely for the purpose of training the armed forces.

This land is known as the defence training estate. The training estate comprises 16 major armed forces training areas, and 104 other minor training areas, ranges and camps. The defence training estate is managed to ensure that it delivers military training facilities which prepare the armed forces for operations worldwide. Kirkcudbright training centre provides opportunities for a wide variety of field fire and dry training exercises across 4,700 acres (1,900 hectares) of farmland.

Project Design:

  • Provide design and build services for the high voltage electrical infrastructure
  • Final electrical design of the HV system
  • Design and installation of the site wide earthing system, using CDEGS software
  • Civil design of the substation bases
  • GRP design of the substation to withstand winds of 150mph and suited to an
    aggressive salt laden atmosphere

Project Construction for 1 off 11kV Intake Substation:

  • The dismantling and removal of the existing 11kV switchboard
  • Construction of a temporary concrete plinth
  • Installation of a GRP enclosure
  • Installation of the existing switchboard at the new location
  • Extending of feeder cables as required
  • Test and commissioning

Project Construction for the HV System:

  • 9 off Package 11kV substations
  • Installation of SPEN concrete base
  • Supply and install Genie Evo VC6-P1 Circuit breaker
  • 4 off EMU’s
  • 3 off Standalone SAIF Pillars
  • 1 off 4 Section MV Switchboards with battery tripping unit and smart switch control
  • Excavation and installation of new cables to approximately 20km
  • Removal of existing overhead Infrastructure

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