High Voltage Power System Upgrade

High Voltage Power System Upgrade for MOD Site

C&P Engineering Services is in the process of completing major construction on the High Voltage power system upgrade project for Landmarc Support Services and the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation) at Kirkcudbright Training Centre, Scotland.

Over the course of two weeks, C&P’s HV project team have begun dismantling the main intake substation and are now in the process of rebuilding it at a new location. All cables have been diverted, tested and will be commissioned and energised. Major plant was also delivered from Schneider electric, which included 14 off 11kV transformers of various types and sizes and these have now been positioned at their new locations.

Over three quarters of the 223,800 hectares of land owned by the MOD is held solely for the purpose of training the armed forces. This land is known as the defence training estate. The training estate comprises 16 major armed forces training areas, and 104 other minor training areas, ranges and camps. The defence training estate is managed to ensure that it delivers military training facilities which prepare the armed forces for operations worldwide. Kirkcudbright training centre provides opportunities for a wide variety of field fire and dry training exercises across 4,700 acres (1,900 hectares) of farmland.

David Demock, C&P’s HV Engineering Manager commented: ‘We are very pleased with the progress of the HV Power System Upgrade project and all major plant is in the process of being installed and commissioned. We look forward to completing the majority of construction work by the end of March and are delighted to be working with Landmarc and the DIO on this critical project to improve the provision of power across the UK’s national Defence training estate.”

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