A New Approach to Wireless Networks

A New Approach to Wireless Networks – Schneider Electric Process Instrumentation Solutions

The Instrument Area Network (IAN) has been developed by Schneider Electric as a non-hazardous area cost-efficient and flexible industrial wireless network as an alternative to more costly systems. Bluetooth communication between the field sensors and data collectors saves battery life and makes the network flexible and easy to install, giving users a cost-effective solution.

Improve Operational Efficiency, Reliability and Control Costs in a Safe and Secure Manner

Modern Plant Managers and other operations professionals save time and money with a robust condition and preventative maintenance
model enabled by wireless Instrument Area Network devices.

Instrument Area Network from Schneider Electric is an ultra-reliable
wireless sensor network that gives you actionable insight into the condition of your high-value assets, so you can best protect and
optimize your operation.

How It Works

The IAN system consists of wireless field sensors for measuring absolute and relative pressure, differential pressure and temperature. These measurements can be linked via Bluetooth to the central collectors. These collectors collect the measurement data from a maximum of 8 wireless field sensors and send them via WirelessHART to any system.

By choosing Bluetooth between the field sensors and collectors, the batteries of the field sensors last longer than with a complete WirelessHART system. Local configuration is also easier to do with an app for a phone or tablet, using Wi-Fi. This makes Schneider Electric’s Instrument Area Network a cost-effective, user-friendly and flexible wireless system.

Configuration and Access:

– IAN Transmitters are managed through the concentrator WiFI interface, the Gateway or from the Host.

– Powerful LED lights are used in the transmitters and concentrators to indicate connectivity during deployment.

– The concentrator WiFI interface is activated upon touching either the concentraor itself of any transmitter in the local network.

– Native configuration environments in gateways offer access through to transmitters.


  • Built on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology
  • Long battery life with no performance degradation
  • Simple and easy connectivity


  • 30% of the cost of other wireless solutions
  • Ease of use – two clicks for connectivity
  • 10-year battery life guaranteed with no performance degradation
  • Increases process operational efficiencies
  • Increases worker productivity
  • Maximizes asset performance
  • Improves plant and worker safety
  • Robust, reliable and secure


  • Metals, Mining & Minerals
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Specialty Chemical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical & Biochemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Consumer Package Goods
  • Regulatory Compliance

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As an Official Schneider Electric Partner, C&P offers the total wireless engineering and implementation solution for your instrument and control network requirements. We can also offer attractive discounts for specific project applications.

Total Wireless Instrument Network Implementation Solutions

C&P can provide both the supply and the implementation of the Schneider Electric wireless system. For more information contact Tristan Jones at C&P Engineering Services Ltd. Call +44(0)1792 897002 or email info@cpengineering.co.uk