Decision Making Skills


Rapidly growing companies are faced with many daily challenges. Immediate decisions and problems need to be solved constantly and effectively by all employees that is vital to the success of the company. Attendees will learn different techniques to make decisions and solve problems.


  • Why decision making is so important
  • Errors which can be made
  • How your mind works
  • Skills for making decisions
  • SWOT analysis
  • Decision making strategies
  • Goal settings
  • Developing thinking skills
  • Visualization
  • Power of the sub conscious mind to make the right decision


  • Increased sales
  • Increased profits
  • Brainstorming effectiveness
  • Employee engagement
  • Motivated employees
  • Professional approach to decision making

Who Should Attend?

Applicable to all staff in companies who have decision-making roles.

Course Outline

  • Why is decision making and problem solving is important for you and your organization?
  • Your mind, how it works and deep mind importance
  • Common decision making errors
  • Skills for effective decision making
  • SWOT analysis
  • SMART decision
  • Sharing decision with others
  • Strategies for key problem solving
  • Conversational hypnosis
  • Generation of ideas and effective brainstorming
  • Visualization
  • Sub conscious mind
  • Developing your thinking skills

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