Why EAL?

Why EAL? Electrical & Industrial Training

EAL is the specialist skills partner and awarding organisation for industry.  EAL are committed to investing in the industries they serve and the careers of the people working within them.  Through industry partnerships and years of experience supporting core sectors, EAL have built unrivalled knowledge and understanding of employer skills needs.

As a result, EAL’s skills solutions and qualifications are respected and chosen by employers to deliver real career benefits for all our learners. C&P Training Services Ltd provide a range of EAL industrial and electrical courses which are specifically designed and developed to meet the needs of employers, individuals and industry.

What is the EAL Training Syllabus?

Since 1964 EAL (Excellence Achievement and Learning) has been the specialist awarding organisation for the industry and related sectors. Through EAL we support the delivery network with an unparalleled level of service to ensure that learners are well prepared for the roles they plan to take on. Through EAL’s programme of continuous improvement, we strive to meet the demand from employers for high performing, high quality products.

Every assessor has completed the assessor certificate and all of our EAL and industrial training employees are qualified their respective areas to deliver the relevant syllabus.

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