Ex 14 Responsible Person

Ex 14 Responsible Person – CompEx Certified

Price:  £POA
Duration: 4 Days
Number of Delegates per Course: Maximum of 10

The Ex 14 Responsible Person module was introduced in 2016 and addresses the requirements of the Responsible Persons duties as laid down in IEC Standard 60079 Part 14 Annex ‘A’. Ex14 meets the competency requirements of IEC 60079 – 14 & 17 for Responsible Persons

Course Description

This course addresses the requirements of the Responsible Person as laid down in IEC Standard 60079 Parts 14 & 17. It is NOT a “practitioners” course and is not normally suitable for technicians. The course is aimed at those individuals in a senior supervisory / responsible role, i.e. those persons directly responsible for the management of staff, processes and procedures relating to explosive atmospheres.

What you need to bring

Photographic ID, Highest Engineering qualification

Entry Requirements

The candidate is required to have the sufficient knowledge, skills
and experience to undertake the training and assessments.1) National Diploma in a relevant engineering subject
2) The ability to understand, interpret and apply technical content.
3) Employment/sponsorship letter.

Course Syllabus:
  • Appropriate Legal Requirements
  • Application of relevant standards
  • Requirements of 60079-14 – Annex A “Knowledge, skills and competencies”
  • Requirements of 60079-17 – Annex B “Knowledge, skills and competencies”
  • Ignition sources
  • Practical understanding of explosion protection principles and techniques
  • Working knowledge and understanding of relevant standards in explosion protection such as IEC 60079 Parts 10-1; 10-2; 14, 17
  • Safe working procedures for explosive atmospheres
  • Inspection and Remedial Action Strategy
  • Qualitative Analysis for periodic inspections as detailed in Annex A of 60079-17
  • Simple quantitative methodology for the prioritisation of remedial actions
  • Competency criteria and assessment for persons undertaking installation, maintenance and inspection activities.
  • Overview of IEC 60079-19 – repair

Course Assessment:
The assessment is held on the fourth day of the course and will include two multi-choice examinations.

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