NLP for Business Success


Attendees will learn the very latest NLP techniques for ultimate business success. Once attended, the delegates should be able to maximize their effectiveness with colleagues and customers using techniques learnt which can be used immediately for maximum impact and immediate results.


• Conversational hypnosis
• Latest techniques of persuasion
• Understanding different types of people
• Lying indications
• Rapport
• Reading eyes
• The 6 handshakes
• Body Language
• Better time management
• Goal setting


• Increased sales
• Increased profits
• Employee engagement
• Motivated employees
• Professional approach to customers and internally
• Enhanced communication

Who Should Attend?
All employees who are responsible for staff working form them and for client facing employees.

Course Outline

• Anchoring – for important meetings including sales, confidence and controlling outcomes
• Anchoring Triggers – for maximum effect when dealing with others and difficult situations
• Aura – how to make an impact with people and get on with them
• Bell Jar – dealing with aggression and hostile reaction
• Big Junkers and Little Junkers – how to deal with each type
• Body Language – how to read a person
• Body / Mind and NLP – how they are connected together as one
• Circle of Life – where are you right now
• Conversational Hypnosis – persuasion techniques
• Daily Triggers – for peak performance
• Eye Accessing Clues – read a person through their eye movements
• Goal Setting for Business and Personal Life – for maximum success
• Knowing What You Want – to get what you want
• Listening – techniques and the 80/20 Rule
• Lying – indications
• Meta Model – communication techniques
• Milton Model – advanced communication techniques
• Negotiation – win – win outcomes
• Night Book – for achieving results
• NLP – preconceptions
• Positive Thinking – for maximum success
• Power of the Sub Conscious Mind – for achieving what you want
• Rapport – for getting on with people and getting the outcomes you want
• Relaxation/Thinking Technique – the importance and how to do it
• Role Models – to provide answers to problems and difficulties
• Stepping into the other Persons Shoes – seeing problems from another persons point of view
• Successful Person Modelling – to replicate for maximum impact with others
• Swish – dealing with unwanted thoughts
• The Six Different Types of Handshakes – to determine the tone of meetings and outcomes
• Time Lines – to achieve your goals in the time predicted
• Time Management – getting things done
• VAK – recognizing the 3 Different Types of People
• Visualization – to help achieve maximum future success

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