Safety Man Award

C&P would like to congratulate Carl Gwyther for his outstanding contribution to Health & Safety within his team at Tata Steel, Port Talbot. His endeavours have won him the coveted “Safety Man Award” from Tata Steel which is displayed proudly on his office wall!

During a recent shutdown, lasting approximately 6 months, as with almost every shutdown on any site, there were a number of near-miss incidents, the main item of concern was objects falling from height. One such incident occurred where a large wrench narrowly missed our working party, this could have resulted in fatalities, and this was an occurrence which happened once too often for Carl’s liking!

Carl was very vocal in the project Health & Safety daily update meetings insisting that all contractors should plan their work and to mitigate against all risks associated with their tasks. As there were a number of instances of similar near misses occurring, Carl took it upon himself to walk around the whole project area looking at other contractors’ operations and proactively challenged them where shortfalls were identified and suggested options to them to mitigate the risk of objects falling from height.
Carl didn’t beat anyone over the head with a stick but actively worked with them to obtain a solution that was manageable and would ensure that safety wasn’t compromised for all involved in the project.

Carl has been in the industry for a number of years and has a wealth of knowledge and was happy to pass this on to those who lacked in certain areas with his motto of “Learning & Sharing”. From the time that Carl intervened and spoke up during the project meetings, there were no more near misses where objects were falling from height, resulting with all contractors’ employees going home safe to their families.

Dedication like this and from all our employees has ensured that C&P Engineering has maintained excellent accident statistic over the years. Carl along with all at C&P Engineering hope that the interventions with other contractors during this shutdown will have a positive effect on them for other future shutdowns.