Selling skills with NLP


Attendees will learn the very latest techniques for selling incorporating NLP. Once attended, the delegates should be able to double their monthly sale volume from customer interaction. Techniques learnt can be used immediately for maximum impact and immediate results.


• Planning for meeting customers
• Cold calling techniques
• Latest techniques of persuasion
• Understanding different types of customers
• Bringing customers to the point of commitment
• Overcoming objections
• Rapport
• Reading eyes
• The 6 handshakes
• Body Language


• Increased sales
• Increased profits
• Employee engagement
• Motivated employees
• Professional approach to selling
• Happier workforce for al those involved in sales

Who Should Attend?

All companies who have front line employees involved in sales.

Course Outline:

• 3 different types of customers
• 6 Handshakes
• Anchoring
• Aura
• Bell Jar
• Body language
• Bringing customers to the point of commitment
• Conversational Hypnosis
• Dealing with objections
• Effective communication techniques
• Effective listening
• Eye movements
• Greeting customers
• Lying indications
• Magic Villa Technique
• Mirror imaging
• Planning for meeting customers
• Power of the sub conscious mind
• Rapport
• Selling process
• Setting up client meetings
• Verbal techniques

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