Test Instrument Calibration

electrical calibration

Test Instrument Calibration

We provide test instrument calibration services, either in our own calibration laboratory or at our customers’ sites. All test instrumentation calibration is traceable to national standards via our UKAS certified working standards.

FREE pick-up and delivery services may be available in your area (please contact us for details).

Our Test Instrument Calibration Services include:

  • Pressure – Absolute, Capillary, Controllers, Diaphragm, Differential, Gauge, Indicators, Switches, Transmitters.
  • Temperature – Controllers, Dial, Filled Systems, Indicators, Probes, PT100 RTD’s, Recorders, Thermistors, Thermocouples, Transmitters
  • Voltage/Current/Resistance – Amplifiers, Clampmeters, Eletro Static Devices, IR Testers, Multi-function Testers, Multimeters, Portable Appliance Testers, UPS, 17th Edition Testers.
  • Frequency – Counters, Generators, Oscilloscopes.
  • Speed – Brakemeters, Tachometers.
  • Analytical – Analysers, Dew Point, pH, Relative Humidity (RH).
  • Light – Lux Meters.
  • Force – Cells, Weights.
  • Level – Conductivity, Controllers, Differential, Diaphragm, Float, Gauges, Indicators, Switches, Tank, Transmitters, Ultrasonic
  • Dimensional – Calipers, Micrometers, Rules, Timers.
  • Process – Alarms, Controllers, Convertors, Indicators, Recorders, Switches, Transmitters.
  • Flow – Anemometers , Controllers, Differential, Indicators, Recorders, Rotameters, Switches, Transmitters.
  • Torque – Analysers, Wrenches.

Our instrument technicians and engineers have many years of experience in the electrical and instrumentation industry. We offer calibration for of all types of test instruments.