Process Instrument Calibration Services

C&P Engineering Services recognises the importance of calibration and offers bespoke on-site calibration services to ensure that you receive the highest level of quality and accuracy. Instrument error can occur due to a variety of reasons; drift, environment, electrical supply, addition of components to the loop, process changes etc.

Our specialist teams manage a wide range and variety of on-site calibration programs, ensuring instruments are calibrated and are traceable to the relevant standards.

C&P’s Process Instrument Calibration Service Provides:

  • Confidence that the instruments are measuring correctly
  • Calibration assistance to ensure that you are in control of your processes and operations
  • Highly experienced and qualified CompEx instrument technicians
  • Services for all hazardous areas of operations

 Process Instrument Calibration Services include:

  • Bespoke Site Specific Calibration Programs.
  • Project Specific Calibration
  • Field and Bench Calibrations
  • Laboratory Calibration
  • Instrument Loop Testing

We are able to specifically meet the most demanding environments and requirements through our fully trained and competent teams of technicians, supervisors and engineers. All of our process instrument calibrations are traceable to national standards via our UKAS certified working standards.

We also provide direct hire of our highly experienced instrument technicians to carry our maintenance through to ISO process instrument calibrations.

We have been Assessed and Certified by the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors) as a Hazardous Area Electrical and Instrumentation Services contract and we have the technical capability to carry out Electrical and Instrumentation Services work in areas where potentially explosive atmospheres may be expected to occur in the form of explosive gases, vapours or combustible dusts.

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