C&P Engineering have been commissioned to carry out and undertake complex hazardous electrical and installation repair works across six sites for Wessex Water.

C&P’s contract runs for three years and comprises of inspecting, testing and carrying out remedial electrical works on Frome Valley PS, Inlet Grit Works, Storm Tanks, Gas Bag, Internal PS, APD Reactors, Mad1 Digestors, Mad 2 Digestors, Secondary Sludge Digesters and Dewatering Plant process areas.

All work carried out by C&P Engineering is to Worker Protection Directive 99/92/EC and DSEAR (the dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations) which addresses safety where there is a danger from potentially explosive gases, vapours, dust or materials.

C&P Engineering have insured that all water treatment plants concerned have remained fully operational and have consequently improved their overall efficiency to prevent unforeseen stoppages and site disruptions.

C&P have always shown a proactive and innovative approach to problem solving, our onsite maintenance team have worked closely with the Wessex team to ensure that they are on schedule and have maintained a high level of operational excellence in delivering effective working systems for Wessex Water and their customers.

For further information or an enquiry regarding our work with Water Treatment Works, please contact us on Tel: 01792 897002 or Email: info@cpengineering.co.uk