C&P Engineering Ltd has been Sponsoring The Bumbles of Honeywood Programme – October 2023

C&P Engineering Ltd has been sponsoring The Bumbles of Honeywood programme and working closely with Glyncollen Primary School in Swansea since January 2023.

The Bumbles of Honeywood programme is promoted by 2BEnterprising who are working closely with primary school children across England and Wales to help them prepare for their future career progression.

Gemma Pugh, Bilingual Education Co-Ordinator from 2B Enterprising, took the session along with Steve Davies, Marketing and Business Development Manager from C&P, who followed up on his previous visits and also discussed the project the children were given.

Katie Carmichael, from C&P, also attended and joined in with the activities which included interacting with the children in their assignments.
The children were given an exercise where they were asked to choose which items they’d like to take on holidays with them, and the reasons why, from a number of options.

Gemma from 2B Enterprising then presented a Bumbles story about going on holidays and what six items the bees would choose to take with them.
The children were very enthusiastic about the presentation and remembered a lot about C&P’s earlier visits and what was previously discussed.

They were also extremely happy with the rugby stress balls that they were given from C&P at the end of the session.