C&P Engineering Services sponsor Glyncollen Primary School via 2B Enterprising

C&P Engineering are sponsoring Glyncollen Primary school via 2B Enterprising who work closely with primary school children across England and Wales.

Sue Poole the educating founder of 2B Enterprising recognised that to make a significant change to the entrepreneurial skills of our workforce, we need to work with them from a very early age.

The first visit took place in January 2023 at Glyncollen Primary school.

Rhiannon John Education Resources Officer from 2B Enterprising took the session along with Steve Davies from C&P Engineering who spoke to the children about C&P Engineering and the type of electrical work they are involved with.

The session included Rhiannon telling the children an interactive story about Bees and then asking them a number of questions how the Bees might sell their honey to make money and then buy other items with it.

The children were also asked to draw a business card and then present it to each other to learn how to greet each other in a business setting by shaking hands and speaking a little bit about themselves.

The class was superbly well behaved and fully embraced the programme. The children were extremely enthusiastic about the story, books and hive of goodies that were given to each of them at the end of the session.

It’s proposed that C&P Engineering will attend three more meetings with 2B Enterprising and the primary school during the year.