Hazardous Area Electrical Contractor

Hazardous Area Electrical Contractor

Hazardous Area Electrical Contractor

C&P Engineering Services is a Hazardous Area Electrical Contractor which specialise in Electrical and Instrumentation Hazardous Area Inspection & Maintenance.  We support clients with the mandatory Requirements of IEC 60079-17/14, DSEAR (Dangerous Substances in Explosive Atmospheres Regulations), The Equipment Directive ATEX 94/9/EC and the workers Directive ATEX 99/92/EC.

We assist customers with optimising their Ex asset performance, safety and integrity through delivering the following hazardous area inspection services:

  • Ex Inspection of Existing and New Ex Equipment
  • Ex Hazardous Area Inspection Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Compiling Ex Registers and Client Databases
  • Ensuring Verification of all Installed ‘Ex’ Equipment Databases
  • Ensuring Compliance with all Standards and Regulations
  • Gap Analysis and Reporting of Current Ex Inspection Procedures
  • Explosion Protection Documents
  • Ex Installation & Maintenance Project Management
  • Ex Remedial Repairs

Our hazardous area inspection and maintenance services provide assistance with the compliance of electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres for new and existing plant.

We deliver hazardous area inspections for customers across a wide range of industries, including the Chemical, Steel, Oil, Petro-chemical, Pharmaceutical, Gas, Offshore & Heavy Engineering industries.

We assist our clients in asset management, the verification of the integrity of their ‘Ex’ equipment and systems, provide cost effective solutions and ultimately help to develop a path towards full compliance.

Our Hazardous Area Electrical Contractor Services deliver comprehensive hazardous area inspection schedules and inspection reports, advising on corrective action where necessary and provide assurance that you are complying with all the very latest international standards, codes and practices and meeting your legal obligations.

Our teams of competent hazardous area inspection engineers have worked in hazardous areas over many years and are CompEx qualified for explosive gases and vapours, intrinsically safe systems and combustible dusts. If your plant uses, produces or stores potentially explosive products, then we can assist with you Electrical and Instrument Inspection and Maintenance programs to ensure compliance.

We would welcome the opportunity to visit your premises and give a company presentation without any obligation to highlight the services we offer, and create awareness of the mandatory requirements to classify, inspect and maintain your plant.

We have been Assessed and Certified by the NICEIC (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors) as having the technical capability to carry out electrical work in areas where potentially explosive atmospheres may be expected to occur in the form of explosive gases, vapours or combustible dusts.